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Chengdu Tops China’s Most Attractive Destinations for Investment Ranking

January 30, 2018   Go Chengdu

Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper under the People's Daily, held a release ceremony titled “The 7th Global Times Review: the Most Influential Chinese Cities in the World” in Beijing.

Chengdu, a metropolis in western China, was titled as China's most attractive destination for investment, an ideal place for new economy in China, the most influential city to promote China's national image in China, as well as the most dynamic city along the Belt and Road.

The rankings were made, based on surveys and findings by Global Times' subordinate communications platforms and editorial resources throughout the world.

According to Zhang Qi, Executive Deputy Director of PollChina Research Center of Global Times, Chengdu, in a leading position in China, stands out remarkably in terms of such key economic indicators as growth rate of actual use of foreign capital and the presence of Fortune Global 500 companies, etc.

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