The Shamrock Chengdu
The Shamrock, after first opening its doors in 2002 the Shamrock western bar & restaurant has become an absolute staple of Chengdu's bar scene.As the name implies, the Shamrock has an Irish theme, where the friendly staff not only provide patrons with well poured pints, be they the Guinness variety, or from a host of other favorite beer selections, they also serve-up great food. Choices of which include the Shamrock’s famous Meat Pies, Fish n Chips, Angus Steaks, Lamb Chops, Burgers, Pizzas, Pastas and many other well prepared dishes, and snacks.Perhaps the most well-known bar and meeting place in Chengdu, but if not, the Shamrock certainly ranks well up amongst the pack leaders. Located in Chengdu's Wu Hou district, just around the corner from the US consulate, with a convenient local bus stop immediately in front, and subway Line 1 (exit Li Jia Qiao Lu) with
The DALONGYI Hot Pot StoryHot Pot, listen and you will hear Chengdu locals times gone-by when we watched the deep-red coloured oil bubbling above the fire in the four sectioned pot we all knew of the fabulous spicy feast to come. All of us, young and old, with bare arms glistening from the rising steam stuffed ourselves to our hearts and stomachs content, our passions inflamed along with the aromatic dishes, and our bodies energized.  Then as now, sampling the classic Hot Pot flavors is often described as being the same as taking a bite of fire”, but even fire cannot suppress the variety of flavors stewing alongside the peppers from tantalizing the palate with tastes beyond imagination.Though once considered to be as much a part of the natural order of things in Chengdu as is the snow on the surrounding mountain peaks.Today there are those who say the sight of magn
Maison Sud Ouest, French Dinning
Maison Sud Ouest an international brand established by two French regional council agencies, one in Aquitaine, and the other in Midi-Pyrénées. Along with promoting fine wines and wonderful delicacies, MSO aims to offer consumers convenient access to high quality products and the opportunity to experience the unique culture of France’s Southwestern regions.  Currently Chengdu provides a home for two MSO restaurants, and three MSO boutique wine stores, all of which were designed by a French government appointed design & architectural firm. The flagship establishment, Maison Sud Ouest, which is nestled between lakes and forests in Chengdu’s Nanhu Tourism & Resort district of Tinafu,  literally percolates with French culture.Covering over 3000 square meters over three floors, Chengdu's Nanhu district Maison Sud Ouest has established an ope
The Spas of Chengdu
CHI, The Spa at Shangri-LaAsia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel group, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, is actively expanding its signature spa brand – CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La in China. The forth CHI -The Spa in China opened during August of 2007 at Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu.CHI, The Spa draws inspiration from the origin of the “Shangri-La” legend, high in the mystical Asian mountains, offering a range of therapies based on the ancient healing traditions, philosophies and rituals of Asia.In traditional Chinese philosophy, chi represents the universal life force that governs wellbeing and personal vitality.  To maintain good health, it is believed that chi must flow freely within the body, and if blocked, illness will follow.The concept was also developed in collaboration with a team of recognized specialists with treatments based on the Chinese philosophy of t
The Temple House
The Temple House a thoroughly modern hotel that celebrates its historic location, and aims to provide discerning travelers with high-end residential-style accommodation, whilst enjoying an authentic Chengdu experience.Located in the heart of the city, within the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, the hotel was jointly developed by Sino-Ocean Land and Swire Properties.Designed by internationally-renowned architects "Make Architects", the 100-room hotel and its 42 adjoining serviced apartments form an integral part of the city government’s conservation project to preserve the surrounding heritage buildings next to the thousand-year-old Daci Temple. The three-dimensional woven façade combines modern design with the traditional Chengdu architectural elements of timber, brick and step stones.  Elegant bamboo trees frame the hotel’s entrance, which is set in a beau
Crowne Plaza, Chengdu
How many times have you actualy seen, or been greeted at the front door by the hotel General Manager. How many times have you been wished a good night's sleep, and then greeted at breakfast the next morning by that same manager, who has then sat down and offered you a wealth of suggestions as to how you might best spend your days and nights in Chengdu. Such a manager is William Hall, General Manager of the Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Center HotelBesides such extrodinary personal service, William's Crowne Plaza offers 402 guest rooms and suites, to ensure your stay is one of comfort, where courteous service is to be expected, and not the exception. Discerning business travelers will find the luxurious Club Rooms offer a wide range of services, and facilites. Club Reward points earned during your "Club Stay" can be redeemed for either free nights' accomodations or air-m
Dufu Thatched Cottage Memorial
The Thatched Cottage was once to home to the famous Chinese Poet Du Fu. After fleeing the Ab-Shi Rebellion which broke out in modern day Xian in 758, Du Fu setteld by the Haunhua Xi (Flower Bathing Brook), where, with the help of friends, he built the cottage in the year 760. History now records that during his four year stay at the cottage, Du Fu penned more than 240 poems, which are now considered to be national treasures of China.Following his departure from Chengdu the cottage fell into a ruinous state. It was not until the year 1500, and again in 1811 that the cottage was reconstructed in scale, and likeness according to the then famous writings of Du fu.The present day Thatched Cottage commemorative museum is set within a beutifully serene park which local residents can access for a yearly fee of 100 CNY, and are regularly seen soon after the gates open quitely execising or no doub
Wuhou Memorial Shrine
Situated just 15 minutes from the city center by bus or taxi this most interesting Three Kingdoms period museum set in a simply beautiful park surrounded by high red walls, and cyprus trees, is also just a short walk from the very popular Jinli street bazar area. So, make a day of it, spend the morning learning all about Emperor Liu Bei, and a casual afternoon in the facsinating old street district of Jinli.Housed within the beautiful park-like grounds are 50 statues of Ministers, and other important officials who helped Liu Bei forge his empire. The statues are spread amongst the five focul structures, and peacfully themed gardens which belie the bloodiest (Three Kingdoms) period in China's history, the period during which Liu Bei established, and spread the Kingdom of Shu.Wuhou which literally means "Marquis of Wixieng", refers to the tittle bestowed on Prime Minister Zhu
Renmin Park & Teahouse
You have probably heard people say that visiting a historic Chinese park is one of the best ways to experience authentic Chinese culture. Fortunately, one of the oldest, and most famous parks is conveniently located in the heart of Chengdu. Renmin Park, also known as People's Park, is a recognzied historical site that amongst other things happens to host the oldest teahouse in Chengdu, the Remin Park Teahouse. Like a great many visiters, you may want to mix it up with the locals, get involed, experience Chengdu with a native eye, well Renmin Park will have your wishes come true. Park activites begin at the crack of dawn (6am) when the park opens, and continue until its close at 2am. An entrance fee of 2 CNY is unbelievably cheap, consideraing the clolourful, and free enteratianment to be seen at nearly every turn. Entertainment in which you may readily participate, or simply enjoy, a
Schooling for Children of Foreign Citizens or Residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in Chengdu
I. Applicant QualificationForeign citizens  or residents  from Hong  Kong,  Macao  and Taiwan  in ChengduII. Legal Basis1. Interim  Procedure of Accepting Foreign Students in Primary  and High Schools (Decree No. 4) from Ministry of Education2. Notice on Schooling of Children  of Foreign Citizens  or Residents from Hong Kong, Macao  and Taiwan in Chengdu (CJW[2003] No. 9) from Chengdu Education BureauIII. Application Materials1. School  enrollment application form for children  of foreign citizens or Hong Kong,  Macao and Taiwan  residents.2. Duplicate copies  of valid  passport,  visa  or Home  Return  Permit,  or Mainland China  Entry  Permit for Taiwan Residents  of  the  student and parents (originals  to be inspected).3. Property ownership certi
Regulations on the Government Scholarship for International Students from Chengdu Sister Cities
Chapter I  General PrincipleArticle I  In order to further push forward the educational exchange and cooperation between the City of Chengdu and its international sister cities (Including the international friendly and cooperative cities, hereinafter referred to as Sister Cities collectively), attract more international students to study in higher education institutions located in Chengdu City, expand the scale of international students in this city and enhance the understanding and friendship between Sister Cities and the City of Chengdu, Chengdu Municipal People’s Government establishes “Government Scholarship for International Students from International Sister Cities of the City of Chengdu” (hereinafter referred to as Scholarship) and formulates these regulations.Article II  These regulations are applicable to the international students from the Siste
Medical Assistance for Foreign and Overseas Citizens
I. Emergency CallsThe  unitary  emergency  telephone number  across the  whole   of  mainland China  is "120,"  which  can be dialed from anywhere in China.II. West China Medical School / West China Hospital of Sichuan UniversityGrade 3, Class A General Hospital Working hours: Outpatient  departments8:00am-12:00pm,  12:30-16:  00pm, Monday to Saturday8:00am-12:00pm,  SundayEmergency  department: 24 hours, 365 days a yearRegular outpatient service reservation: Patients who hold the real-name medical card from West China Hospital, Health Dragon Card issued by China Construction Bank or Health Smart Card by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China may dial 028-114 for registration reservation, and can get your reservation number with  those cards upon your visit.International hospital reservat
Chengdu Second Peoples Hospital
Chengdu Second People’s Hospital (CDSPH) is a national class A of the third grade hospital, integrating clinical treatment, education, scientific research, rehabilitation, prevention and health care. Founded in 1892 by Canadian Christian missionaries, it was ever named Sishengci Renji Hosptal, as the earliest western medicine and red cross hospital in western Sichuan. Having always insisted on the century-old Renji tradition of “serving diligently and carefully, holding high medical ethics”, CDSPH strive to upgrade the medical expertise, service quality, education and research level and to improve the doctor-patient relations. The whole staff are sparing no effort to promote the fast development of hospital with special characteristics, and to build a modernized high-quality medical center in Chengdu. Over recent years, CDSPH has won many honorable titles such
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